Howard County Public School System
Event Management System

If a snow emergency plan for Howard County is in effect at 7 a.m. on either Saturday, Sunday, or on a day when schools are closed for students, all community programs and activities scheduled to take place in school facilities are canceled. If a snow emergency is lifted after 7 a.m. that same day, all activities remain canceled for the remainder of the day.

If a snow emergency goes into effect after 7 a.m., all activities thereafter are canceled for the remainder of the day.

If a snow emergency goes into effect while any programs or activities are already in progress, those programs and activities may be completed. Any programs/activities that start after the snow emergency has gone into effect, are canceled for the remainder of the day.

ALERT: Beginning in fall 2018, HCPSS will be installing new short-throw projectors in classrooms throughout the district. Please be advised that your group may be asked to temporarily relocate from your assigned classroom to another location in the school to accommodate the installation project. 

PLEASE BE ADVISED if Energy was NOT requested, please revise online to add Energy if needed.  HVAC Tech fee (minimum 2 hours) may apply for late energy requests if technician is required.

If you experience heat/ac problems, a group member must call 410-313-7091.  School staff members do NOT have the authority to request on your behalf.  

If you are unable to access the building at your approved time call 443-472-5969

48 Hours in Advance, EMS web users MUST make changes or cancel online when they will not be using previously requested space.  EMS web users can access all web submissions online by selecting “View My Requests” under Reservation tab to make changes/cancellations.  Date and time changes can be made by selecting “Booking Tools”. 

 HCPSS Outdoor School Maps

Community Use of Facilities Inclement Weather Hotline – 410-313-6827

For any public assembly where 250 or more persons are anticipated, the using organization is required to have one certified adult crowd manager present for every 250 people as specified by the Howard County Fire Marshal.
Please contact Diane Caporaletti 410-313-8293 if you are interested in booking the Jim Rouse Theatre
** A separate online request must be submitted for each activity period for each school **
Outdoor Areas   (Late requests processed on a first come first serve basis)
  Activity Period Submission Deadline 

Fall (Sept. 1 - Nov. 30)

June 1


Spring / Summer (Apr. 1 - Aug. 31)

January 1

Indoor Areas   (Late requests processed on a first come first serve basis)

  Activity Period

Submission Deadline 


Fall(Sept. 1 - Dec. 31)

June 1

Winter(Jan. 1 - Mar. 31)

October 1

Spring (Apr. 1 - June 30)

January 1

Summer (July 1 - Aug. 31)

April 1

Food and beverage consumption is limited to Cafeteria space ONLY!  Food is NOT allowed in any classroom areas and is strictly enforced. 
HVAC turnover occurs (pending current temps) on or about April 15th and heating on or about October 15th.  As of January 2015, Energy not previously requested online may incur a HVAC Tech fee (minimum 4 hours/$69/hr) for late energy requests if technician is required.

1. School day (Monday-Friday) – Temperatures are to be maintained as follows:

     a. Classroom areas, portable classrooms, media centers, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, administrative areas, and teacher planning areas will be 70˚F (+/- 2˚F).

     b. All other areas shall be set at 65˚F.

2. On days when school is not in session and overnight (one hour after dismissal of students), the temperature setting is to be 55˚F in all areas.

3. NO PORTABLE HEATERS will be used unless a mechanical failure necessitates supplemental heat.

SUMMER/COOLING SEASON OPERATING CONDITIONS - School day (Monday-Friday) – In spaces where cooling is available, temperature settings in all areas of the building being used will be 76˚F (+/- 2˚F). Air conditioning units will operate from one hour prior to approved school start time until one hour after dismissal of students. Following the end of the academic school year in June, air conditioning will be provided only to maintain the integrity of the building environment, to support HCPSS summer school services and for programs where the energy component is requested and paid for separately. Cooling schedules will be lengthened when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designates a Code Orange or higher air quality day.

High School Auditorium Use - No tech services provided for Auditorium use beyond house lights up/down; stage lights up/down.  No access to sound/lighting booth.  This applies to all high schools with the exception of JRT @Wilde Lake High. 

Use of High School athletic areas is with the understanding that school practices, games, and matches will be completed prior to community group use.
All Kitchen requests must be accompanied by a Cafeteria Worker Request (additional staffing fee may apply) prior to approval.  

New Year's Day    
Martin Luther King Jr. Day    
President's Day    
Good Friday and Easter Monday    
Memorial Day    
Independence Day   
Labor Day
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Primary/Election Days
Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday and Friday)
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Lunar New Year Eve^
Eid Al-Adha^
^2016-2017 school year. Professional learning and/or workdays for teachers were scheduled on these dates.
* Exceptions may be made for special requests and regular religious services , through the Use of School Facilities Office.  For state mandated holidays occurring on Saturday or Sunday, schools will be closed for observance on Friday or Monday.

Unless otherwise requested, only one (1) custodian will be assigned.

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